C-1,2,3,4 introduced the 4. Diaries b. Mugha's accounts of pilgrims are examcAes o' Delhi Sultans official records, True Or False. c. foreo r«ords. l. Dates in history are not to events. Z Colonization and urbanizat.on are two of the rnan•,' defining features of the modern period. 3. Interpretations differ in history 4. Official records are archaeo•cal —C.¯Give short answers (in words) for the questions. Cholas 1. What is histcxv? How has the study of histon evoh-•ed 2. List the defining features of the modern era. Why do Iruian historians not want to can the British rule in India a •modern' pericx}? 3. What are the literary sources for the modern Rnod? Write a rote on tirne in 4. What is the •modern' period in India associated with? D. Giw long answers (in 0-100 words) for the foUowirg questions. u What do you understand by in history? Why do interpretations differ in history? Give an example to answer. write short notes on—OfficiaI records. Surveys.

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C-2)The defining feature of the modern era are industrialisation,scientific progress,urbanisation and colonisation.
Indian historians not want to call the British rule in India a modern period as treated India as colony .The Britishers carried raw materials and made India an importer of finished goods .Therefore the historian call the British rule colonial not modern.

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