Calculate the area of the shaded region in the given figure ( take : root 105 = 10.25 )

Dear Student,
For bigger triangle with sides 122,120 and 22 units, semiperimeter=264/2=132 units
Thus using Heron's Formula, area is given by 132(132-122)(132-120)(132-22)i.e 132*10*12*110i.e 12*11*10*12*11*10i.e 12*11*10=1320 sq units
For smaller (white) triangle with sides 24,26 and 22 units, semiperimeter= 72/2=36 units
Thus, using Heron's Formula, area is given by36(36-26)(36-24)(36-22)i.e 36*10*12*14i.e6*6*2*5*2*6*2*7i.e 6*2*5*6*2*7i.e 12*5*2*3*2*7i.e 12*2*105i.e 24*10.25i.e 246 sq units
Thus, shaded portion would be difference of areas, i.e 1320-246=1074 sq units

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