Cam you Draw complementary angle that are not adjacent angles

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Complimentary angles are the angles whose sum is 90.
Yes you can draw a complimentary angle which is not adjacent.
Suppose you are given an angle. Draw a perpendicular from the base of the given angle. 
Now copy the complimentary angle and draw it on another base.
To copy an angle follow the following steps.

1. Mark a point P to be the vertex of the new angle.

2. Draw a ray PQ in any direction and any length.  This will be one side of the new angle.

3. Set the compass point on A and adjust it to any convenient width.

4. Draw an arc across both sides of the angle, creating points J and K.

5. Move the compass to P and draw a similar arc, crossing PQ at M.

6. Set the compass on K and set its width to J.

7. Move the compass to M and draw an arc crossing the first, creating point L.

8. Draw a ray PR from P through L.

∠RPQ has the same measure as ∠BAC.

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Yes we can draw.
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we can draw seperate angles
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