Can a cube can cast a shadow with a shape of hexagon , rectangle , triangle ?

It can be verified only when you take a cube inside a dark room and try to throws light by using torch on the cube from different angles, corners and positions. 

Try this experiment at your home and list down the different kind of shadows.

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A cube can cast a shadow of a rectangle:

Take a cube a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h

let DEFC be the roof and ABFG be the base

Then when you put the source of light on one of the lateral side (CB,FH,EG,DA) then a rectangular shadow will be casted

A cube can also cast a shadow of hexagon

Take the same cube

put the source of light on the point where three of the cube's edges meet. then it will cast a shadow of hexagon.

No a cube cannot cas the shadow of a triangle.

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