Can anybody tell me the poetic devices used in the lines below
Once there was a talking fan ?

Electrical his chatter.?

I couldn?t quite hear what he said

And I hope it doesn?t matter

Because one day somebody oiled

His little whirling motor

And all the mystery was spoiled ?

He ran as still as water.?

Dear Student

In the poem “Mystery of the Talking Fan” the poet Maude Rubin makes use of two poetic devices.
The first line of the poem ‘Once there was a talking fan’ is a metaphor. Here the poet compares the continuous noise made by the fan to talking of a human being .
The other poetic device used in the poem is Simile. It is used in the last line i.e. ‘He ran as still as water’.  The poet says that after the fan’s whirling motor was oiled it stopped making any noise and it ran as still and quiet as water.


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In last line simle
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