Can anyone explain me about uppad vibhakti (Sanskrit Grammar) ?

Sanskrit mujhe kabhi palley nahi padney wali...NEVER!!! :'(

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vibhaktiv is kharak. the way u do like shabd Roop u have to put that tere
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Uppad Vibhakti is basically grammar exceptions sort of a thing. In Uppad Vibhaktis, we have to first learn its table and then accordingly we will be able to judge that which word comes under which vibhakti.
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What is uppad vibhakti and what is uppad of parit?
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The first thing is that first u need to learn the table. Ex:- dvitia_ gum, vina, dhik etc Different words for different vibhakti
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It is a helpful thing and the main thing in Sanskrit which helps you make sentences according to their meanings (Vibhakti). For instance, it helps you answer the question according to the correct Grammar. Learning it will help you make sentences in Sanskrit without any difficulties.
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Uppad Vibhakti in Sanskrit is basically the use of ​indeclinables in sentences. Uppad Vibhakti should be gramatically correct on the basis of Vibhaktis.  
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Uppad vibhakti Kuch exceptional words hai jo sirf selected vibhaktiyon ke saath lagte hai Jaise dwitiya ki -- ubyat, parit etc. Abh isme , agar ubyat ka Koi roop line mein aaye toh aapko uske saath dwitiya vibhakti hi lagani hai.
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Uska Sanskrit Mae varnan

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