can anyone give me a small paragraph on health is wealth?

Here are a few points related to World Health Day:
- Celebrated every year on  May 7
- It marks the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948
- The theme for 2013 was Blood Pressure
- Ultimate goal of World Health Day 2013 is to reduce heart attacks and strokes
- Main goals: Greater awareness, healthy behaviours, improved detection, and enabling environments

Here are a few pointers for your reference:

- Health is wealth, a fact well known to everyone but dwelled upon very seldom.

- Good health is an individual's asset. 

- If we wish to enjoy the pleasures of life and gain success, we should maintain good health.

- A healthy mind, good thinking and decision making abilities are all benefits of having a good health.

- It is only through good health one can stay active and attain targets at work to gain success in life


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see if we are good in studies and our health is becoming weak then after some time we also can not study well and if we are healthy then we can study with a great enjoyment we can study well so if we will study well then we will gain some thing in our life so health is wealth

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