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Such questions are made for enhancing the self-creative skills and should be tried
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  • Nature is endowed with numerous resources and can satisfy the need of all the species living on it.
  • ​​​​However, ​​​man has been exploiting nature greedily for years.
  • In the process, it steals the legitimate share of resources belonging to other species. 
  • For example, for building more residences, man has chopped down trees and transformed forests into residential societies. These forests once housed millions of other species. 
  • For rapid development, it has established numerous industries. These industries release toxic gases into the atmosphere. The increased toxicity of atmospheric air has proved to be fatal for numerous species. 
  • Mother Nature, however, loves all her children equally. 
  • Due to unabated exploitation and human greed, it decided to teach the human race a lesson. 
  • It has sent the Coronavirus to teach humans a lesson. 
  • The outbreak of the virus has forced humans to live in lockdown, close industries, etc.
  • The closure of industries and restricted movement of vehicles has ensured that the environmental conditions improve. 
  • It is nature's way of removing the toxins that have been added by the human race. 
  • Only after the removal of the toxins, the world will become an ideal living space for all living species again. 


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