CAN u explain me dat..
bhaao vaachya, karmm vaachya,and krit vaaachya me kaise differenciate krte hain ???

can anyboody explain me in hindi??

wats dat? ???
 maine to naam hi pehli baar suna hai..

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in hindi grammer..

we change sentences


maine lila ko maara

so if v change this sentence in karm vaachya it b comes..-

mere dwaraa lila ko mara gaya


mujhe aur sentence bhaav vaachya me ,karm vaachya me and krit vaachya me change krna nhi aata so plzzz aap log meri madaddt kijiye...

so plzz explain me baadi meherbaani hogi

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yaar ol dis is not a part of r syllabus!! 

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dont u hv any sample papr book????

itz in our syllabus in scul in every test or ut or pre board it was asked....

itz in or syllabus

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 Yes its a part of our syllabus.And I say that I don't know these very clearly as our teacher didn't teach it correctly rest things I know.

I want to give you a suggestion.I am sure that the pad parichay in Hindi examination will be of just 1 mark as it is indicated from the sample papers.And if it is of some kriya (in which we write vachya) we can leave the vachya as we also write many other things.It is sufficient to write four things which will account for 1/4th mark for each point.

So no need to worry about that

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