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4. we consider i1 be the current flows through the first loop in clockwise direction and i2 be the current flows through the second loop in anticlockwise direction in the circuit.
total current=i1+i2
for the  first loop,10+1×i1+1×i1+i2+1×i1=010+3i1+i2=0i2=-10-3i1............1for the second loop,1×i2+1×i1+i2+1i2=03i2+i1=03-10-3i1+i1=0-9i1+i1=30i1=-308=-3.75amp(negative sign for direction)from (2),i2=-10-3×-3.75=1.25ampthe current through ammeter=i1+i2=5ampthe pd for the first loop,V1=1×3.75+1×5+1×3.75=12.5Vthe pd for the second  loop,V2=1×1.25+1×5+1×1.25=7.5Vthe pd across the voltmeter=V1-V2=5V
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