can we put towards beside into in the following sentence give reason also:

Lorenzo has converted this play     "towards"    an tragic end with his plan.

Dear student 

No, the word towards cannot be used as a substitute for into. 

The word into indicates that an object is changing from one form to another form. However, the word towards indicates position or can be used to indicate what an object is for. 

- For example: 
"Lorenzo has converted this play into a tragedy with his plan." ('into an tragic end' is grammatically incorrect)

In this example, the form of Lorenzo's play has changed from one form to another form. 

- Here's an example of the word 'towards' 
The money collected from Lorenzo's play, went towards charity.

As you can see, the word towards indicates what the play (and the money collected) is for, but does not indicate a change of any sort. This sort of 'changing' is not possible with the word towards. 


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