can you differ between gerunds and infinitives?


When a verb acts as a noun in a sentence, it becomes a gerund.  It is always formed by adding '-ing' to the base form of the verb. 


1. I am swimming.

2. I like swimming.

In sentence 1 the word 'swimming' acts as a verb, however, in sentence 2, it acts as a noun. Thus 'swimming' is a gerund in sentence 2. 


An infinitive is the base form of the verb that is preceded by 'to' and acts as noun. It is also called as 'Verb-Noun'. Look at the following examples:


I refused to tell a lie.

The girl wanted to watch a movie.

My mother would be happy to see me.

She is asked to address the audience.

To wake up early is a difficult task for her.

I did not intend to hurt.

You have no choice but to surrender.

To respect your nation is your duty.

This is not the time to repent.

I did want him to know about it.

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