can you help me me in writing a dialogue between two people discussing about a new restaurant which recently opened in their city

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:
A: Did you go to the inauguration of the new restaurant in the market near our colony?
B: No, I did not. But, I heard that the restaurant is quite grand.
A: Yes, it is. It is posh and swanky. It is based on a Mexican theme and is called 'Taco place'.
B: Oh, did you go there yesterday?
A: Yes, my family and I had dinner there and availed the special inaugural discount. The place is decorated beautifully with warm lighting and vibrant coloured furniture.
B: It must have been real fun! But, how was the food?
A: It was delicious. The tacos and tortillas were authentic.

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1st man: You know in our city the new restaurant has open recently.

2nd man: Yes I know that in our city the one restaurant has open recently.

1st man: You know what is the name of the restaurant which has recently open.

2nd man: Yes I know the name of restaurant it is Trident.

1st man: Wow thats an great.

1st man: When it is open?

2nd man: It is open yesterday only.

1st man:What about a food , the restaurant is veg or non veg .

2nd man: No, It is a veg.

1st man: Can we go and it.

2nd man: Yes why not.
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