Carter did a lot of damage to the mummy yet we cannot blame him . Comment

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Carter encountered a problem when he reached the mummy, the ritual resins had hardened cementing Tut to the bottom of his solid gold coffin and no amount of legitimate force could move them. Since the Egyptian sun could beat down like a hammer in the far south of Egypt, Carter decided to leave the mummy out in the blazing sunshine to loosen the resins but to no avail. So he had chisel away the consolidated material from beneath the limbs and the trunk before it was possible to raise the king's remains. This was required otherwise thieves would have run off with the riches


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carter did a lot of damage but we cannot blame him because he was just studying the mummy and to do this it was important to open it . To study it , first he tried to melt the resin without damaging the mummy in the hot sunlight but when he was unable to do this he had to cut it in parts , since he had no other option to study it.
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