Change from indirect to direct speech.

1. she asked me if I' d like to go to the concert and I readily agreed.

2. she suggested baking a cake to surprise Mother on her birthday.

3. she requested the taxi driver to drop her at the next traffic light as it was closer to her home.

4. The tired children wished they could wind up the show early and go home.

5. The customer demanded angrily6 where the television that he'd paid for nearly a week ago was.

6. She informed her mother that she would be dhome late and her mother should not stay up for her.

7.I asked everyone if they had seen my story book and they replied that they hadn't .

8. The passer-by offered to help me change my car tyre and I thanked him for his help.

1. She said to me, "Would you like to go to the concert?" I said, "Yes."

2. She said, "Why don't you bake a cake to surprise mother on her birthday?"

3. She said to the taxi driver, "Drop me at the next traffic light. It is closer to my home."

4. The tired children said, "We wish we could wind up the show early and go home."

5. The customer said angrily, "Where is the television set that I paid for nearly a week back."
6. She said to her mother, "I will be home late. You should not stay up for me."
7. I said to everyone, "Have you seen my story book." "No, we haven't", they said.
8. The passer-by said, "Let me help you change your car tyre". "Thank you", I said.

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