Change the active sentences to passive sentences write no change if you think you cannot change the sentences

Dear Student, 

14. You were taught the active and passive sentences by whom?
15. The kitchen had been cleaned by her.
16. Dinner will have been eaten by us by the time you get there.
17. English is spoken by people in the USA.
18. no change
19. no change
20. The test has to be passed by her.
21. A book was bought by him for his son.
22. no change
23. no change
24. The coalition forces are fought by whom?
25. You have been invited by whom to the party?
26. A hospital will be built if I have a million dollars.
27. A big mosque would have been built by me, if I had had a million dollars.
28. Cricket will be played at this time tomorrow by us.
29. Isn’t a house be going to be built by them?
30. no change


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