Change the following into Indirect Speech:-
1. He said to me,"Whom do you want to see?"
2. He said,"Who has broken the window pane?"
3. Ravi said to me," Let me go home now."
4. She said, " Oh dear! I have just missed my train."
5. They said, " Long live the President."
6. She said," May you succeed my son."
7. The tourist said,"Wow! What a fabulous monument the Taj Mahal is!"
8. Mother said to Alok," Always speak the truth."
9. The notice said," Do not feed the animals."

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. He asked me whom I would like to see.
  2. He interrogated as to who had broken the window pane.
  3. Ravi told me that he is going home.
  4. She exclaimed that she had just missed her train.
  5. They proclaimed that their President would livelong.
  6. She blessed her son that he would succeed.
  7. The tourist exclaimed what a beautiful monument Taj Mahal was.
  8. Mother instructed Alok to always speak the truth.
  9. The notice instructed not the feed the animals.
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1 he told me that whom i want to see.
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1.he asked me that whom i wanted to see
2.ravi asked who has broken the window pane
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1 he asked me whom did i want to see
2 he asked who had broken the window pane
3 ravi said to me let me go home then
4 she exclaimed oh dear i just missed my train
6 she wished may u succeed son
7 the tourist exclaimed wow what a fabulous monument the taj was
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1. He asked me that whom did I want to see
2. He asked that who had broken the window pane.
3. Ravi told me to let him go home now.
4. She exclaimed that she had missed her train
5. They wanted the president to live long
6. She wished her to succeed her son
7. The tourist exclaimed that Taj Mahal was a fabulous monument.
8. Mother asked Alok to always speak the truth
9. The notice told not to feed the animals.

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