Change the following sentences from Direct to Indirect Speech

1."We are hungry," the children said"

2."You have been very helpful," said the teacher to the students

3." We won the match,"  said the children

4." Do you know the man we are talking about?" Karim said to his friend

5."It is healthy to wake up early," said the teacher to her students

6."Can you do me a favor?" Sarita said to Meera

7." When are you going to join our team?" Ritvik said to Ravi.

8. The doctor said to the patient," You should exercise regularly"

9. Riya said to me," Let's go out for dinner".

10. The teacher said to the students," Do your work silently".

Dear Student,

Here are the answers:
1. The children said that they were hungry.
2. The teacher told the students that they had been very helpful.
3. The children said that they had won the match.
4. Karim asked his friend if he knew the man they had been talking about.
5. The teacher told the students that it is healthy to wake up early.
6. Sarita asked Meera if she could do her a favour.
7. Ritcik asked Ravi when he was going to join their team.
8. The doctor advised the patient to exercise regularly.
9. Riya suggested that we go out for dinner.
10. The teacher instructed the students to do their work silently.


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