Change the narration?
1.The teacher said to me,"What are you doing now"?
2.The teacher said to the students,"Attend your class regularly."

1. The teacher asked me what i was doing then.
2.The teacher advised the students to attend their class regularly.

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1. Famous player like Sachin and Dhoni played in the match.
( Begin . Such famous)
2. On no other day of the week have I been so happy as today .
3.The recent years have seen a fall in petro prices. ( Begin. A fall in)
4. Why don't you discuss this problem with sunil?.
( Begin. I suggest)
5. You would be surprised if you know how generous that old man is .
( Begin It)

Please anyone ..... Please.
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1. Such famous players like Sachin and Dhoni played in the match..
​2. Today i have been   so happy than any other day..
3. A fall in petro prices have been seen in the recent years..
4.I suggest you to discuss this problem with Sunil..
5.It would be surprising for you if u kno how generous that old man is..

hope it helps Abhishek..!!
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