Chapter - The packing
Answer this one 50-60 words

Jerome, George, and Harris were highly disorganized packers. George and Harris damaged the hamper while packing. While starting to pack, they ended up breaking a cup. They also spilled salt all over the place. Jerome did not cause as much chaos as George and Harris. He managed to pack everything neatly. However, he forgot to pack his boots first and then his toothbrush. As a result, he had to unpack twice after packing. He then packed the strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it, which he later picked out with a spoon. He stepped on things, put them behind him, and later could not find them. He packed the pies at the bottom and smashed them by packing other heavy items on top of them. He messed with butter and salt too. Even at the end, he packed the spectacle in the bag by mistake. It can definitely be concluded that they were clumsy packers.

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