Character sketch of Jo.(should wizard hit mommy?)

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Jo is Jack and Clare' s, four-year-old daughter. She has an affinity for hearing stories from her father for the last two years. Her father builds stories on the same basic plot each time, changing the main character with other minor changes. 
The girl is a smart child, curious and inquisitive in approach to the stories told by her father. Her willingness to explore the unknown and recognising the facts displayed a great amalgam of her intelligence and proactiveness. While listening to a story, she often develops contradictory notions and ideas which she addresses by asking questions. She is an impatient girl, observant by nature, who does not restrict herself from speaking her mind. She used to get so engaged in the stories that she started feeling for the characters and wanted them to act in a certain way. Her empathy with the protagonist and rejections of the unsuitable things happening with it, is surprising for a kid of her age. She had her own perspective and suggested a different ending for the story her dad was saying to her, bringing out her upfront and passionate side.


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Jack was a loving father and a deeply concerned husband who constantly worried about his wife expecting their third child. He was quite conscientious when it came to maintaining a balanced family life no matter how weary and tired it made him at the end of the day. His children mattered to him, he took on the mantle of regaling his daughter Joanne with stories. Jack was a good storyteller because he could keep not only the listener but also his own interest riveted upon the stories that he created. His stories were imaginative creations and it contained characters who had been infused with life by Jack. He told these stories in the evenings and for Saturday naps to his daughter Jo out of his own head. This custom had begun when she was two and was not nearly two years old such that he felt his stock of stories had depleted. Each new story was a slight variation of a basic tale with a small creature usually named Roger who had some problem and went with it to a wise old owl. These parables were meant to inculcate a moral and ethical value in his daughter. The owl told the creature to go to the wizard who would perform some magic spell to solve the problem, demanding pennies greater in number than what Roger Creature possessed. In spite of being fatigued or saturated with telling the same kind of stories, Jack always maintained a level of patience in animating his tales for his growing daughter. However, there is an about turn in the end of story regarding his family life where Jack finally expresses his exasperation with the repetitive quality and monotony of life. ​At the end of the story, Jack refrains from speaking, working or touching his wife because he realizes that both of them are equally responsible for the monotony of their life and this never-ending spiral of family life that they are caught in. As he watched his wife labour with utter weariness of the sameness of his days, he felt caught in an ugly middle position. He felt trapped in a cage and also felt his wife's presence in that cage. He could not communicate with her because somewhere he realized that she already knew what he felt about being caged in family pressures and daily duties.
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