Character sketch of joe morgan

Dear Student,
Joe Morgan lived in Number 12, Blaina Terrace of Bryngower. He worked as a burly driller in a mine. He had been married for 20 years without a child. After waiting for 20 years, the couple was going to have their first child. It was a complicated case and the delivery was going to be carried out before time. Joe Morgan was very worried about his wife who was in labour and waited for the doctor anxiously. Joe was relieved to see Dr. Andrew but he refrained to enter his room where his wife was laying with pain and had a possible threat to life. After a miraculously successful delivery, Dr. Andrew came out of the room and told Joe that both the baby and his wife are doing fine. This gave relief to Joe. From all these incidents it can be depicted that Joe Morgan is a very caring, supportive and attentive person. 



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