Chart tabulation for music,region,language and costume for Tamilnadu&Jammu &Kashmir

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Tamil Nadu

a. Pann is a classical form of music which has its roots and origin in Tamil Nadu. It is sung and performed mainly in temple festivals. Apart from this, Bharatnatyam a classical dance form has been closely associated with music.
b. Tamil is the official state language which is spoken by majority. Other languages include Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam which are spoken by smaller numbers.
c. Lungi is the traditional dress for men in Tamil Nadu. They also wear dhoti. Women were  traditional sari with  blouse.

Jammu and Kashmir

a. Sufiana Kalam is the classical music of Kashmir which is beautifully articulated in ragas (known as maqam) and is accompanied by the santoor which has many strings.  The Kashmiri saz, the setar, the wasool and the dokra are also part of this classical music.

b. Kashmiri, Dogri and Hindi are popularly spoken in Jammu and Kashmir.
c.  Poots and  Pheran, a long loose gown hanging down below the knees is tthe traditional dress found in Jammu and Kashmir among men and women. . It is accompanied by Mughal type Turbans, headgear, Taranga Belt of Pashmina and coloured scarf.


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