cheena spent 3/4 of her pocket money. She spends 1/2 of it on a book 1/6 on a movie and rest for a dress. whap part of her pocket money did she spend on the dress.

Cheena spends 3/4 of pocket money so

3/4=1/2+1/6+x (because the money she spends on the things makes 3/4 of her pocket money)

3/4-1/2-1/6=x (it got minus sign brcause it got to the other side of equal to sign)


So, we have


- + -= + and sign -

so -6/12-2/12 =-(6/12+2/12)=-8/12


so she spends 1/12 of her pocket money on buying the dress.

Hope u understand.

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