Children are fond to coconut. lt is the
biggest of all the nuts, and are indeed a wonderful
fruit. lt grows on a tall palm tree and is find
in tropical countries round a seashore. The
name was giving to if by the Portuguese because,
with -the three marks and eye-spots at the end.
It look something like a monkey's face, and 'coco'
is a Portuguese word for a bugbear or a distorting mask. Passage Editing!

Children are fond of coconuts.They are the biggest of all nuts and are indeed wonderful fruits.They grow on tall palm trees and are found in tropical countries near to a seashore.The name was given to it by the Portuguese because with those three marks and eye like spots at the end, it looked something like a monkey's face and 'coco' was a Portuguese word for a bugbear or distorted mask.
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children sre fond of coconuts
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1. to - of
2. are - is
3. find - found 
4. round - near
5. if - it

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To-of Are-is Find-found Round-near If-it
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Please find this answer

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Ans) (i) To - of (ii) are - is (iii) find - found (iv) round - near (v) giving - given (vi) with - of (vii) looks - looked (viii) are - is
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