choose the odd one out. 1)erythrocytes ,phagocytes , neutrophils ,leucocytes. 2) pollen grain, ovary, sperm, ovule. Also give reason for your choice

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The answer to your first question is:
Erythrocytes or red blood corpuscles ( RBCs)
Phagocytes, neutrophils and leucocytes- are all different types of white blood cells ( WBCs). Phagocytes are basically monocytes ( macrophages) capable of phagocytosis. Neutrophils are also capable of phagocytosis but are known as microphages because of their small size.
2. Answer is sperm.
Sperm is a gamete ( haploid cell).
Pollen grain is the structure that gives contains the male gametes and a pollen tube emerges out of the pollen grain that carries the gametes after the pollen falls on a compatible stigma. Ovule is that part of the flower in a plant that contains the female reproductive cells. Ovule is present inside the ovary of the flower. In the ovule, the embryo sac will develop that contains the female gametes along with other cells. Post fertilization, ovule becomes a seed. Ovary is an organ in female reproductive system.


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1)i dont know
2)ovary as it is a reproductive organ , the rest (pollen grain,sperm ,ovule )are reproductive cells .
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1]neutrophils as it is not part of white blood cell group while the others are different types of WBC
2]ovary since it is an organ and the rest are germ cells
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