Co-extinction and introduction of alien species too are responsible for the loss of biodiversity. Explain how ?

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Any organism that lives outside its natural and native range and gets established there is termed as an alien species. The introduction of such invasive species may cause the disappearance of native species through changed biotic interactions. Invasive species are considered for the destruction of habitat, a major cause of extinction of species and loss of biodiversity. 

  • An invasive weed species water hyacinth ( Eichhornia crassipes) native to Amazon basin introduced in India has posed threat to our native species. 
  • The introduction of African catfish Clarias gariepinus is responsible for the extinction of indigenous catfish. 
Co-extinctions: Some species of plants and animals are closely associated with each other. When a species becomes extinct, the associated plants and animals will also be extinct. This is known as co-extinction. when species of plants and animals are lost, there is a loss of biodiversity. 

  • Mutualism between a plant and pollinator- When one of these become extinct, the other one will also get extinct.
  • Assemblages of parasites get extinct when the host fish species become extinct.  

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