Compare first and last meeting between Sergie and Lushkoff ?
( From " The Beggar " chapter )

Dear student,

Sergei met Lushkoff for the first time in a street where he was begiing. He told Sergei a pitiable story to get alms. Sergei realise he had seen him the previous day on another street begging for alms with a different excuse. Instead of giving him alms, he brought him home to give him some work. He instructed his maidservant Olga to get him to chop wood. After being told by Olga that the work had been done, he paid Lushkoff half a rouble. On their last meeting, Sergei saw a well-dressed Lushkoff buying a ticket at a theatre. he felt happy he had helped reform a beggar. But, he was told by Sergei that it was Olga who used to do the work assigned to him and it was her kindness what had reformed him. He was now a notary and earned thirty five roubles a month.


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