compare to urban women more rural women are found working.why?

 bcoz women in rural areas suffers from poverty more as compared to the women in urban areas and in rural areas women are engaged in the agriculture so mostly women works in farms and they are cosidered as working.

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Today, from the total population we see that more rural women are found working because:-

1) Family is dependent on women - In rural areas the family is dependent on the women as these have a crucial job of making food for their respectives. As well as they start the proceedings of their man by collecting wood, timber etc for their work.

2) Low literacy and education lecel - Generally the rural women are detracted from earning education. As we know that the person who has earned education founds himself/herself free most of the time after performing the job as he/she has to get monthly remuneration interms of "Regular Salary" whereas the case is just opposite then that working in rural areas as these people are paid according to their daily work and sometimes the women are exempted to be paid.

3) Non - recognition of women workers - The women workers are generally remained unemployed due to this reason which states that- Many a times women workers are left useen after analysing their great amount of potential to perform the work. This situation is prominant in almost all the rural areas, thus these have to employ themselves in some other activities for more hours and getting less remuneration after that too. Thus they are found more working than the urban women.

Conclusion - We have to do something for the upliftment of the poor women so that they also get a chance to rule over what they are used to but are unable in the conditions prevailing today for which first step should be the "Lessening of discrimination of rural women"

Hope it helps!!!

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most of the women are un educated in rural area that is why the are found working as employed under company or any other places.  
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As in rural area the family income is comparatively low so the women do small farm activities manily (primary sector )and often work on low wages because of social constraints .
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