compare turgor pressure and pressure potential of a turgid, flaccid and a plasmolysed cell in a tabular format. Explain every pressure for being positive, negative or zero

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Pressure potential is the positive pressure developed in a system due to osmotic entry of water into it.

The pressure potential is usually positive and operates in plant cells as wall pressure and turgor pressure.


turgid cell

flaccid cell

plasmolysed cell
A turgid cell is one which is in an hypertonic solution
A flaccid cell is one which is in an isotonic solution

A plasmolysed cell is one which is in an hypotonic solution
Water moves inside the cell , where uptake of water is balanced by pushing the cell wall back  Water moves in and out of the cell, and cell become flaccid or limp  Water moves out of the cell, and so The plasma membrane has pulled away from the cell wall
Pressure potential is positive or highest (equal to osmotic potential )in turgid cells  Pressure potential is zero in flaccid cell Pressure potential is negative in a plasmolysed cell

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