Complete the following dialogue completion:

tim: Do you love me, dad?

Dad: Of course, I do, Tim.

Tim: Would you still love me if I did something bad?

Dad: Well..Of course..I..would.

Tim: I mean, something really really bad.

Dad:Tim! What did you do?

One Evening Tim asked his father (a)---------.His father replied that (b)------------. Then Tim wanted to know (c)---------.His father once again replied that (d)------------. But when Tim kept on insisting his father got suspicious and shouted at him asking him (e)----------?

(a) if he loved him

(b)  he did of course

(c) whether he would still love him if he did something bad.

(d) he would of course love him 

(e) what he did

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a)whether he loved him

b)of course he did

c)will he love him if he did something bad

d)Well.of course he will

e)that what he did

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