Complete the following with correct form of verbs

Complete the following with correct form of verbs (be) just on the verge of losing when weather (avert). and ers. I thief. hen I ot the thief. arty. It One (j) ... (miss). d Before Rajan(a) (favour) it and a defeat is (6) . (take) out a one-rupee note from his pocket and (b) ............... it tothe little girl. He (c) . (give) . (feel) quite happy after giving the money. The child's hunger-stricken face (d) ............ (move) him. He decided that in future too he would try to help out the needy. Lost in his thoughts, as he (e) (move) homewards, . (ask) .. ...... (ask) fora Type-I d ofins Insulin i in the blood str Insulin i the cell i] energy. Type-I'd insulin, blood glu he remembered that mother (g) ... ..... him to get home abread. He (h) (stop) at the Bakery and (i) bread. To his great surprise he realised his purse (D) The following passages have not been edited. There is an error in each of the lines against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided. Remember to underline the correction thatyou have made. (1) We all were watched a puppet show. (a) .

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The answers are as follows:
  1. took
  2. gave
  3. felt
  4. had moved
  5. moved
  6. had asked
  7. stopped
  8. asked
  9. was missing

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takes gives isfeeling
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