conjoint and collateral vascular bundles

Ans:  Conjoint vascular bundles:  It is a type of vascular bundle where xylem and phloem lie opposite to each other on the same radius. They are linked with the help of a cambium. Commonly found in dicot stem.

collateral vascular bundles: it is a type of conjoint vascular bundle, where Xylem and phloem present on the same radius, phloem located towards the periphery of the stem and the xylem towards the center. Cambium may or may not be present. Depending on the presence or absence of cambium, the bundle is said to be open (cambium present) Eg- Dicot stem and the bundle is said to be closed(cambium absent) eg- Monocot stem


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conjoint vascular bundles are those in which the xylem and phloem are joint together with a help of a cambium in between them in same bundles and are present on the same radius.

collateral : it is a subtype of conjoint .

in collateral vascular bundles xylem is towards the inner side and the phloem towards the this the cambium may or maynot ne present . in open type cambium is present but in closed type cambium is absent .

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