Consider the cross AaBbCcDdEe X aaBbccddee. What proportion of the progeny will genotypically resemble the first parent?

A) 1/64 B) 2/64 C)4/16 D)4/64

In such genetic cross, each gene is crossed separately and then probability of desired progeny is obtained by multiplying the probability of each gene as shown below:
Aa x aa               Bb x Bb            Cc x cc              Dd x dd               Ee x ee
            Aa Aa aa aa      BB Bb bB bb     Cc Cc cc cc        Dd Dd dd dd        Ee Ee ee ee
​Probability of :
Aa is 2/4, Bb is 1/4, Cc is 2/4, Dd is 2/4, Ee is 2/4
So, combined probability is 2/4x1/4x2/4x2/4x2/4=1/64
Therefore, A) 1/64 is correct.

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