Construct a triangle ABC with perimeter 14 cm and base angles angle B=30 degree and angle C=75 degree.
1)Draw a reference line of the given perimeter i.e. 14 cm.
2)Draw 60 degree and bisect it to 30 degree and further bisect it to 15 degree on X.
3)Draw 60 degree,120 degree and take a different radius and cut two arcs to form 90 degree angle on Y.
4)Now between 60 degree and 90 degree angle take more than half and draw cut arcs to form 75 degree angle.
5)Now bisect 75 degree into 37.5 degree.
6)To bisect it take more than half of 75 degree angle and make 37.5 degree.
7)Now,draw perpendicular bisector of AX and also of AY.
8)Now where these two angle bisectors meet mark it as A.
9)From A draw line to join with B and also with C.
10)Therefore ABC is the required triangle.
Please check the construction attached in the image.
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Dear Student,
The steps done for the construction is absolutely correct, just refrain from over drawing while doing construction.

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