convert into indirect speech

1)The teacher said,"the Quit India movement was in 1942."

2)The trainer said to him,"If you focus,you will be a great batsman one day."

3) Tarun said to me ,'I sall meet you in the evening at 7p.m. so don't forget to be on time"

4) T he teacher said to me ,"child ,you are attempting the wrong question."

1. The teacher said that the Quit India Movement had been in 1942. (better use of the tense would be:'had taken place')
2. The teacher told him that if he focused, he would be a great batsman one day.
3. Tarun told me that he would meet me in the evening , and asked me not to forget to be on time.
4. The teacher told me that I was attempting the wrong question.

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