Correct the sentenses

Correct the sentenses CORRECT ERRORS IN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES AND REWRITE THE CORRECT SENTENCES 1. I am living in this house for 10 years. 2. Send your reply by return post. 3. The strike has been stopped. 4. There is no such country which you mention. 5. I have no TGVGfive. 6. He ordered for his dismissal. 7. The choice is between glorious death or shameful life. 8. Tell us account of your travels. 9. Are you true to your words? 10. I availed to the opportunity. 11. He is an European riter. 12. Neither they no she have done it. 13. I dislike you wasting your time. 14. The river has over flown its banks. 15. Your ideas are different from me.

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