Could anyone help me with this excercise??

3 Complete the dialogues using modal perfects and the
correct forms of the verbs in brackets. There may be more than one possible answer.

1 A: Don hasn't been coming to Japanese class. He _____________ (give up).
B: No way. He _____________ (do) that. He's really keen on anything Japanese. He _____________ (go) on holiday, or
something like that.

2 A: I can't see Stacy and May anywhere. They _____________ (leave).
B: They _____________ (step out) for some fresh air. It's hot in here.

3 A: We have released the suspect because he _____________(commit) the crime.
He was out of the country at the time.
B: But _____________ he  _____________ (instruct) someone else to do it?

4 A: Susie is looking really smart these days. She _____________ (find) a new job.
B: There's a rumour that she  _____________ (win) some money in the lottery.

5 A: I wonder why Pat didn't come to the meeting. She  _____________ (forget).
B: I can't believe that-she's very reliable. She _____________ (know) about it.

Dear Student,

Here are your answers - 
1. A. must have given up
B. couldn't have done that, might have gone
2. A. might have left
B. must have stepped out
3. A. couldn't have committed
B. could, had instructed
4. A. might have found
B. might have won
5. A. must have forgotten
B. must have known


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