could you please help me with a letter to the principal to seek permission for the trip to zoo.(educational)

C-11, Rohini

New Delhi


24 September 2013


The Principal

XYZ Public School

New Delhi


Subject: Application seeking permission for a visit to the zoo


I am ABC studying in Class VI of your school. I am writing this letter to seek permission to plan for a visit to the zoo.

 It will be a pleasure cum educational trip for all of us. We are studying about the adaptations of different animals in our class. This trip will help us to see and understand about the different animals in detail like their habitat, eating habits, etc.

Kindly arrange a trip for us soon. We'll be highly grateful to you.

Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable response

Yours sincerely



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Adress to send


Dear principal

I hope this letter finds you in your finest moods and good healths.

I have posted this message to seek a permission to you to the zoo (educational). As you see these days children requie a lot of knowladge and if we go to that zoo we could get more knowladge. Even our class topic is about the zoo.

So, I would ask you for the permission to go to the zoo as a field trip.

your sinceierly



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thankyou aditya

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