Could you please tell the answers of circled ones?
1.  the/he/I/him/time/Tommy/tail/all/because/his/wags/call
2. and/I/him/the/I/him/from/when/return/take/garden/play/to/with
3. birthdays/them/their/gift/friends/to/I/my/on
4. the/of/since/ball/have/my/days//had/great/for/fascination/I/childhood
5. asked/Ram/join/me/would/when/I/their/party
6. you/want/if/to/marks/should/get/you/good/read/Together with English

Dear student,

1) I call him Tommy because he wags his tail all the time.
2) When I return from school, I take him to the garden and play with him. (the word 'school' was missing)
3) I gift them to my friends on their birthdays.
4) I have had great fascination for the ball since my childhood days. ('of' is extra)
5) Ram asked me when I would join their party.
6) If you want to get good marks, you should read Together with English.



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