could you provide a good definition for biofortification? 

Well done Vaibhav. You answered the question perfectly. Just want to add some points and make the concept more clear. 

Biofortification is the process of increasing the nutritional content of the crops  either through genetic engineering or breeding. In previous times the efforts were made in making the plant products more nutritious by adding nutrients into the products during their processing. But in biofortification the nutritional content is increased as the plant is grown.  It is mostly done by two ways.


GENETIC ENGINEERING:- Golden rice has been made by this method. In this method the genes of high nutrition content are inserted into the seed of the plant and then it is grown. 

SELECTIVE BREEDING -  In this method high nutritional value seeds are selected and are crossed with the seeds with high yielding values. The resulting seeds give high yield with high nutritional value. 

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  To increase the nutritional value of crops and plants through breeding, a process is used which is called as biofortification. The breeding can be of two types, either conventional or traditional and through genetic engineering methods. The crops produced through biofortification method are always rich in nutrients like iron, zinc and Vitamin A. Usually when plants are produced through traditional breeding, they have the nutrients which are present in them naturally but plants of biofortification are very rich in nutrients. Before the arrival of this technique, it was difficult for the farmers to buy transgenic seeds, but now they can produce plants full of nutrients. These nutrients can be helpful in reducing the disease rate in humans. 

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