Dear experts,
"Naina purchased goods from Jagdish for Rs.70000/-.
Can you please record this in single entry system and double entry system of book keeping?

Dear Student
 For ,Double Entry System of Book keeping : the entry would be :
Journal in the books of Naina
Date Particulars L.F. Debit
  Purchase A/c Dr.   70,000  
    To Jagdish A/c       70,000
  (Being goods purchased from naina)        
In ,Single Entry System of Book keeping , their are no specific rules as to maintain which all accounts  . In double entry , their is mutual aspect i.e if amount is Debited equal amount is to be credited , but in single entry their can be only Debit in one ledger and no impact on the other side , Because of which it is also called Account From Incomplete Records .

Hence because their are no specific rules for Single entry , the above entry if recorded incompletely would be single entry .



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Double Entry System

Purchase A/c   Dr.      70,000
    To Jagdish                           70,000
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Purchases    Dr.
   to Jagdish
​in naina's acc


Naina     Dr.
   to Sales
in Jagdish's acc

the above entries were for double entry system


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