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difference betwwen the 4 classes of kingdom fungi bbased on 1. mycelium

2. types of spores

3. type of fruiting body

do include both sexual and asexual spores in 2.

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Classes of fungi






Aseptate and coenocytic

Branched and septate

Branched and septate

Branched and septate

Type of spore

Asexual reproduction by motile zoopores and non motile aplanospores

Asexual reproduction by conidia and sexual by ascospores

Spores are absent. Asexual reproduction by vegetative propagation and sexual reproduction by fusion of different strains

Asexual reproduction by conidia

Type of fruiting body

No fruiting body is present as it is lower class of fungi. Only collection of hyphae is there

Fruiting body is called ascocarp its bowl shaped

Fruiting body is called basidiocarp. Its mushroom like

Fruiting body is pycnidium


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