Defference between :
1. Cerebellu and cerebrum (4points atleast)
2. Hindbrain and forebrain (4points atleast)


1. Differences are as follows:
Cerebrum Cerebellum
It is the largest part of the brain and constitutes four-fifth of its weight It is a part of the hindbrain
The forebrain has sensory regions, which receive sensory impulses from various receptors responsible for maintaining the posture and equilibrium of the body
A certain part of the cerebrum primarily controls intelligence, learning, memory, thinking, and the ability to articulate speech It also coordinates the contraction of voluntary muscles, according to the directions of the cerebrum.
It also has motor regions, which control the movement of various muscles such as leg muscles cerebellum is involved in the coordination of voluntary motor movement, balance and equilibrium and muscle tone.
2. Differences are as follows:
Forebrain Hindbrain
Forebrain is the largest division of brain and accounts for 2/3rd of brain mass Hindbrain is the second-largest division of brain
It is located at most forward portion of brain. It is located at lower back part of brain.
It contains olfactory and optic cranial nerves. It contains facial, vagus, accessory, hypoglossal, etc. types of cranial nerves.
It is responsible for memory, intelligence, regulation of body temperature, etc. It is responsible for controlling visceral functions like regulation of heart rate, respiration, etc.

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