Define phyllotaxy.also name various types of phyllotaxy with example.

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Phyllotaxy refers to the pattern of arrangement of leaves on the stem or branch. It is of three types - alternate, opposite and whorled.
1: Alternate phyllotaxy: Presence of single leaf at each node in alternate manner is called as alternate phyllotaxy. Example: china rose and ivy. 
2: Opposite phyllotaxy: Presence of pair of leaves at each node which are arranged opposite to each other is called as opposite phyllotaxy. Example: guava plant and periwinkle
3: Whorled phyllotaxy: Presence of more than two leaves at each node to make a whorl like pattern gives whorled phyllotaxy. Example: Alastonia and sweet woodruff.


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arrangenment of leavees on stem or branch . there are 3 types:
alternate phyllotaxy: single leaf arises at each node and these are arranged in alternate manner.ex: chinarose,mustard and sunflower
opposite phyllotaxy
a pair of leaf arises at each node. ex; calotropis ,guvava
whorled phyllotaxy more than two leafs arise at a node. ex bombyx ceiba( silk cotton)
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