Define Satire , Humour and Irony???
Highlight the element of satire in the poets description of wise man???

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Satire is a form of literature. It is used to criticise people, especially those involved in politics. This is done by using humour, irony, exaggeration and ridicule.  

Humour is the quality possessed by a person or a thing that makes it funny. It can be expressed through speech, art, literature and film. 

Irony is a situation where one idea or a thought is expressed, but an entirely opposite action occurs, contradicting the initial idea or thought. This is often used as a literary device.  

For example: Just as the zoo keeper told the visitors that the tigers were harmless, one of the tigers leapt towards him and bit his hand. 

In the poem, the wisest man is carried to the court because he is so old. The poet says that he was entitled to be a wise man, simply because he was old and for no other reason. The wise man shows his stupidity by suggesting that the culprit should be punished, and in the end, the king himself is hanged. Thus the poet shows us, through the use of a humorous satire, what happens when an idiot is given the role of a wise man. 


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