Define the following in the reference to an ecosystem.
1) species composition
3)trophic structure
4) standing crops
5)standing state

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1. Species composition - It refers to the contribution of each plant species to the vegetation. Species composition is a commonly determined attribute in rangeland inventory and monitoring. It is regarded as an important indicator of ecological and management processes at a site.

2. Stratification - Stratification is the way in which different species are placed in the ecosystem or habitat. it determines, how species become adapted to the environment during ecological succession.

3. Trophic structure - Trophic Levels are the various steps in the food chain where the transfer of food and energy takes place.
Autotrophs or Producers are the First Trophic level
Herbivores or primary consumers are the Second Trophic level
Carnivores or secondary consumers are the Third Trophic Level.
Large Carnivores or tertiary consumers are the Fourth Trophic Level.

4. Standing crop - 
The quantity of plant biomass in a given area is called standing crop.

5. Standing state - It is the amount of inorganic nutrients present in an ecosystem.
 It represents some part of non living matters.

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