"Delegation of authority is based on elementary principle of division of work." Explain.

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Delegation of authority  implies transfer of authority, from a superior to his subordinate. It is an essential concept for effective organisation as it lowers the burden on the manager and thereby, facilitates the manager to focus on activities that command high priority. Also, the managers can extend his area of operations once he delegates the work to subordinates. In addition to this, it provides the subordinates with more opportunities for growth. It helps in efficient completion of tasks as the subordinates can now show their skills and exercise initiative.

Division of Work implies that the work of a manager is divided into small jobs. This is because of the fact that any complex task can be performed efficiently if it is divided into smaller units and then the work is assigned to subordinates. This process leads to specialisation. Thus, we can conclude that delegation of authority is based on the elementary principle of division of work as authority comes into picture after division of work. 

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