Derive a relation between the focal length and radius of curvature of a Plano convex lens made of

glass. Compare the relation with that of a concave mirror. What can you conclude? Justify your

Dear Student!!

Using the lens maker formula,

Focal for concave mirror is,

f = R/2

Both converges parallel rays of light coming from infinity parallel to the principle axis at the focus. 

For the same radius of curvature focal length of the plano-convex lens is always greater then that of concave mirror. 

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this is the only relation between focal length and radius of curvature of any mirror

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it is combination of focal length of mirror and (f) and (r)of mirror is infinity and again the same relation of R=2F will come..............and for concave mirror you can refer txt book for derivation ........its again R=2F.......

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