Descibe jack's style of story telling?

the stories which he told to Joe were from his own imaginations and his personal experiences.the theme or the storyline and the characters were same for all the stories the only change was the problem.......the problem that was faced by the hero of the story that is Roger.

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What is Mukesh dream ? Why do not fulfill in her dream ? What ? Why? Ans: Mukesh dream is motor mechanic and not fulfill in her dream because his family condition very bad and all the family members work in Firozabad in bangle industry therefore not fulfill in her dream
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His story has the same outline a small creature Roger having one problem approaches a wizard who makes his problem right and asks for money which roger don't have. He is then sent to the wise owl to get money.
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Jo was growing up. She never fell asleep in naps anymore. Her brother Bobby , who was too already sleep with the bottle. But jo would not take her nap like an infant. The bumps her feet made under the cover where hallway down the bed .her fat face deep in the pillow shone in the sunlight . The custom seemed futile and especially fatiguing on Saturday.
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